About Us

The Japan Location Short Film Competition invites young filmmakers and others to create 60 to 90-second live-action films showcasing various filming locations across Japan. Its goals are to raise awareness of these locations, attract international film projects, promote location tourism, and enhance the skills of emerging filmmakers. Entries are submitted via a dedicated MPA website, with an awards ceremony held at TIFF after two screening rounds. The event is part of the U.S.-Japan Tourism Exchange Year 2024.

About Motion Picture Association (MPA)

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Motion Picture Association International (MPA-I) represent the interests of the six international producers and distributors of filmed entertainment.
To do so, we promote and protect the intellectual property rights of these companies and conduct public awareness programs to highlight to movie fans around the world the importance of content protection. These activities have helped to transform entire markets benefiting film and television industries in each country including foreign and local filmmakers alike.

About Japan Location Short Film Competition 2024

The video competition has several key objectives aimed at enhancing Japan's film industry. It seeks to uncover and showcase filmmaking talent from various regions, providing a platform for creative expression.The competition also aims to highlight Japan's diverse and beautiful filming locations, attracting foreign filmmakers. Additionally, it supports the growth of Japanese filmmakers through opportunities for skill development and learning. Lastly, the competition raises awareness about film production incentives, encouraging more investment in Japan's film sector. Together, these objectives foster a dynamic and thriving film industry in Japan.